Brad Rubie Gauthier

Our Story


Rubie traveled around the world and was initially going to take a full year off. She got bored from traveling and wanted to keep working on the platform she intended to build. After eight months of non-stop travels in twelve countries, she decided to go back to Portland and was invited to participate in the Tech Crawl event -- to explore different technology companies in town.

Bradley had been traveling around the nation for five years before he decided to expand Sitecast in Portland. Once there, he enjoyed hiking, start up events, and exploring the city. He had an office downtown, one of the stops on the Tech Crawl.

Tech Crawl

Bradley directed the crowd for one of the companies he was sharing the co-working space with. Rubie was part of the crowd but did not say a word. She was intrigued with this gentleman who was kind enough to help answer endless series of questions from curious folks.

They met at the after party at On Deck. Bradley invited Rubie to dinner. (Brad jokes it was an instant date -- which Rubie was so naive about.) They went to Andina, one of Rubie’s favorite restaurants in Portland. They talked about their travel adventures, books, and technology.


The first weekend of knowing each other, and many text messages, Rubie and Bradley went on a hike to one of Rubie’s happy places, Angel's Rest, along the Columbia River Gorge outside of Portland, Oregon. The couple found a lot of similarities and grew their feelings towards each other.

Technology Entrepreneurship

Bradley and Rubie shared their professional experiences and realized that they are working on a common vision -- Bradley’s solution is so much bigger. Rubie was the first to understand what Bradley has been working hard to accomplish for years.

With Rubie’s experience in enterprise and technology development background, they decided to join forces and build Sitecast under a new parent company: Quantum Pipes.

Together, they built a partnership and grew their team and company in Portland.

Road Trip

In the summer of 2017, the couple traveled around the US and visited almost a dozen National Parks.

They went on great adventures from hiking, tent camping, exploring the mountains, and many fun memories.

Their final destination was to go back to the Northwoods of Wisconsin -- for Brad to give Rubie a summer of fun experiences. As a SUP Boarder, biker, hiker, and a lover of nature, Rubie fell in love with the area and agreed to move back to Bradley's roots.

The Engagement

Immediately, they decided to go remote from their office location in downtown Portland, packed up and got rid of much of their belongings, and headed to the Northwoods–in a car jam packed with stuff–where they decided to raise a family.

Prior to moving to Wisconsin, Bradley had asked Rubie's hand from her parents on their visit in Washington state.

In October of 2017, Bradley proposed to Rubie at Fallison Lake. And she said yes!

Life, Entrepreneurship, Love

The couple became each other’s mentors and have actively been helping each other grow -- both in life and business.

They look forward to building many projects together, growing the community, and starting a happy family in the beautiful Northwoods!