Brad Rubie Gauthier

In a delightful twist of fate, Brad from the USA and Rubie from the Philippines defied geographical odds and found each other, showcasing the global reach of love.

Their unique connection, born and raised from opposite corners of the world, stands as a testament to the universality of nerdy passions and the beautiful surprises life has in store.

Together, they prove that when nerds unite, even the most improbable love stories can become a reality!

Our Story


Rubie embarked on a global adventure after quitting her corporate job at HP Inc. She intended to take a year off but her entrepreneurial spirit drove her to continue working on her platform.

After eight months of exhilarating travel, she returned to Portland, where an exciting invitation awaited her: participating in the Tech Crawl event, an opportunity to immerse herself in the city's thriving startup technology scene.

Meanwhile, Bradley, after five years of nationwide exploration, chose Portland to expand Sitecast. Embracing the city's vibrant culture, he reveled in hiking, attending startup events, and discovering the hidden gems it had to offer. With an office located downtown, his workplace became a prominent stop on the coveted Tech Crawl.

Tech Crawl

Bradley directed the crowd for one of the companies he was sharing the co-working space with, The Dyrt. Rubie was part of the crowd but did not say a word. She was intrigued with this gentleman who was kind enough to help answer endless series of questions from curious folks!

They met at the after party at On Deck. Bradley invited Rubie to dinner. (Brad jokes it was an instant date -- which Rubie was so naive about.) They went to Andina, one of Rubie’s favorite restaurants in Portland. They talked about their travel adventures, books, and technology.


The first weekend of knowing each other, and many text messages, Rubie and Bradley went on a hike to one of Rubie’s happy places, Angel's Rest, along the Columbia River Gorge outside of Portland, Oregon. The couple found a lot of similarities and grew their feelings towards each other.

Technology Entrepreneurship

Bradley and Rubie shared their professional experiences and realized that they are working on a common vision. Rubie was the first to understand what Bradley has been working hard to accomplish for years!

With Rubie’s experience in enterprise and technology development background, they decided to join forces and build Sitecast under a new parent company: Quantum Pipes.

Together, they built a partnership and grew their team and company in Portland, Oregon.

Road Trip

In the summer of 2017, the couple traveled around the US and visited a dozen National Parks.

They went on great adventures from hiking, tent camping, exploring the mountains, and many fun memories.

Their final destination was to go back to the Northwoods of Wisconsin -- for Brad to give Rubie a summer of fun experiences.

As a SUP Boarder, biker, hiker, and a lover of nature, Rubie fell in love with the area and agreed to move back to Bradley's roots.

The Engagement

Immediately, they decided to go remote from their office location in downtown Portland, packed up and got rid of much of their belongings, and headed to the Northwoods–in a car jam packed with stuff–where they decided to raise a family.

Prior to moving to Wisconsin, Bradley had asked Rubie's hand from her parents on their visit in Washington state.

In October of 2017, Bradley proposed to Rubie at Fallison Lake. And she said yes!

Life and Love

With less than three weeks of planning, they tied the knot at Rest Lake surrounded by small group of people on a very simple wedding officiated by one of their friends.

The couple became each other’s mentors and have actively been helping each other grow -- both in life and business.


They have entered the journey of parenthood and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in 2019!

They value all the time they get to spend with their daughter which is one of the perks of having a family-owned business.

Noname (No-nah-meh)

With their love and passion for the outdoors, the couple decided to fulfill one of their dreams, to explore the US in an Airstream!

Discovering SISU

Amidst the challenges of a global pandemic, various skill gaps in experience, and lots of cultural differences, they embarked on a journey of self-discovery.

Embracing the Finnish concept of SISU, they found inner strength and resilience.

This revelation breathed new life into their partnership, empowering them to overcome obstacles and grow together!

Communication is the Key!

A few years after saying their vows, Brad and Rubie embarked on a profound journey together, building a family and several ventures. Along the way, they discovered valuable lessons stemming from their diverse backgrounds and upbringings, realizing that merging two distinct systems requires effective communication.

Embracing a growth mindset, they actively pursue personal and relational growth, viewing themselves as lifelong students of life. This commitment to continuous learning serves as their greatest asset, fostering a harmonious flow as they navigate the challenges and joys of their shared journey.

Leveling Up!

Having built the lifestyle they created together, they are grateful for the creative life structure that allows them to spend more time and grow their family!

They are expecting their second child, a boy, sometime in the Fall of 2023!

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